Classification System in Maryland Prisons

Topics: Prison, Corrections, Penology Pages: 3 (824 words) Published: December 9, 2012

Unit 7 Project Kapaln University CJ130 Introduction to Corrections December 6, 2012 Kandi Wongus


Unit 7 Project

When discussing the state of Maryland and it's prison system's classification process it's really quit simple. They use different security levels for all of the inmates. Each level has a point system along with categories that fit into that system. They use security levels, point systems, revocation credits, diminution credits which all play part in their classification process in order to maintain everybody's safety and equality in hopes of having a well organized correctional facility. The case management department are the folks who basically are in charged of the classification process in the prison. The process begins as soon as the inmate enters the prison. 1Some of the things that are included in the process are, security levels and institutional transfers, institutional job and program assignments, family leaves, special leaves, work release, restoration of revoked good conduct credits, CARC transfers, Interstate Corrections Compact transfers, disciplinary segregation, administrative segregation, and last but not least protective custody 1. Some of these things are literally privileges that the inmate...
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