Classification Paper on Guns

Topics: Rifle, Firearm, Handgun Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: June 9, 2011
How to choose a firearm
Are you looking for a new hobby? Maybe you’re worried about your safety. Chances are you want to buy your first firearm, then. With so many choices, how do you choose which one is best for you? First, you have to decide why you are buying a firearm. People choose to buy a firearm for many reasons. Some of these are: hunting, sport shooting, and home defense. In this paper, you will learn which of the three major classifications of firearms are for you. The first type of firearms is pistols. Pistols are defined as a handgun whose chamber is integral with the barrel (“Pistol”). Most pistols are used for self/home defense. This is mainly because of their compact size and high magazine capacity. Pistols are also good for sport and competition shooting. These styles of shooting are for recreational use. They are a test of how accurate and skilled you are with your pistol. Pistols may also be used for hunting. They are generally used for back-up weapons for hunters, though. This is because of their short-range capability. Pistols are versatile, but may not be the perfect choice for all your needs. Rifles are another type of firearm. A rifle is defined as a shoulder- fired weapon with a rifled bore (“Rifle”). Rifles are generally used for hunting. This is because they are more accurate at longer ranges. They also come in larger calibers. This means the size of the round is larger and it does more damage to the target. Rifles are also used for competition shooting. Rifle competitions test your accuracy applications of the fundamentals of shooting at longer ranges. Blanton 2

They are not the best choice for concealed carry. This is because they are typically too long to conceal properly. Rifles can be used for home defense, as well. They are not the best choice because their length makes them less maneuverable in confined spaces. Basically if you are looking for an accurate, long-range capable weapon then the...
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