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Topics: Personality psychology, Psychology, Big Five personality traits Pages: 3 (1190 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Araceli L. Santana
Professor Wong
English 104
12 December 2012
Types of Personalities
“Individuals each have a psychological type” is the theory that the researcher Carl Jung believes in. He also believes “There are two basic kinds of functions which humans use in their lives: how we take in information and how we make decisions.” Meaning that people use their dominant function because it defines the type of personality they have, either: extrovert, introvert, thinker or feeler.

Extroverts are considered to be friendly people but there is more then just that. As Carol states in her article “Basically, an extrovert is a person who is energized by being around other people.” This shows that not only are extroverts friendly and outgoing but they also show how they enjoy being surrounded by people. It also explains how extroverts are interested in and concerned with the external world. Another example stated by the psychologist Roberta Baxter is that, “An extrovert is a person who is more interested in what happens around him or her than his or her own ideas and feelings.” This conveys how extroverts exhibit those traits according to the pathways of life that is being processed. Extroverts are not really concerned with their inner feelings rather they are concerned about other people’s feelings. They find ways to help others before thinking about themselves. According to the article “Improve your Brain,” “Extroverts make up about 75% of the American population.” This portrays that most of the people in America like to be social and outgoing. This also explains how most of the Americans have trouble understanding life until they seek to look outside in the real world where they can be social with the world. Extroverts look for meaning outside of themselves while Introverts look for meaning inside themselves.

Introverts operate in a way a person pays more attention to his or her inner world. For instance, in the article “The Gifted Introvert” written by...
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