Classification of Pubic and Private Education

Topics: Teacher, Independent school, Private school Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: November 6, 2011
As a parent, your child is becoming a big girl or boy and it is time for him or her to began

school. There has been so many rumors about the different type of institutions that you can

send your child to, that you do not have any idea which one you would like for your child to

attend. What are the main differences between education in America today ? This is based on

your income and the education you see best fit your child. The laws and fundamentals of

private education or public education could both be the best option for your child to pursue.
You could possibly be thinking of private education, simply because there has been so many positive and negative aspects of it. First of all, the price of private education can vary greatly. The reputation of the institution, and whether the school is a boarding school or a day school can have a great impact on the price ranges. You may expect to pay as little as $2,000 a year or as much as $50,000 for a year of private education. The admission process to a private school is entirely up to the school’s judgement and no one else’s. In terms of curriculum, private schools generate their own standards and may offer more specialized courses. The most common reason for sending a child to a private school is because of a smaller class size. This advantage allows the child to be able to interact with the teacher on a more desirable level. The majority of private schools are a homogeneous mixture due to the admission process, and this could be a good and bad situation. The teachers are not required to have a state certification, being that as a teacher he or she can bring a valuable experience to the education table. Besides the private education, there is also a board generalization of public education.

In contrast, public institutions are funded entirely by the government. There is not a tuition needed to attend public schools because the schools are funded by taxpayers....
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