Classification of Economics and Political Turmoil

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Classification of Economics and Political Turmoil
While the reasons for immigration to the Americas may seem too numerous to count, they can be classified into two main categories, economics and politics. Several economic factors created intolerable conditions for many people living in many countries around the world. The lack of labor and food in countries around the world caused people to turn to the United States. The Italians, Chinese, Mexicans, Irish, Swedish, and Dutch arrived to the United States seeking to find work and food. Several widespread famines, affecting Europe and Ireland during the 1800’s, attributed American immigration. Political turmoil was another main motivator that contributed to United States immigration. Religious differences along with government oppression were tremendous factors for groups coming to the United States. Many groups of people faced religious differences and sought refuge away from their countries’ rule. Government oppression also accounted for several groups around the world to seek refuge in the United States. Groups of Russians, Vietnamese, Germans, and Mexicans were oppressed by their governments. The events of world history caused massive waves of immigrants from around the globe to search for a place of safety. The Americas became a new haven for immigrants from around the world. Wealth was an enormous factor which prompted several people to immigrate to the Americas. Poor economics in Italy caused many Italian males to immigrate to the United States between 1900 and 1920. The poor economy created a lack of jobs in southern Italy and was a major factor of United States immigration of Italians. Of the 655,888 people that immigrated to the United States, two-thirds were Italian males (Italian). The high fertility rate in Ireland during the early 1820’s and lasted until the 1840’s. Due to the surge of birthrate, which created a lack of jobs, many men prompted to seek work in the United States to provide for their...
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