Classification of Dances

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Sinulog festivals is celebrated for nine days . The ninth day calcuminates into the Sinulog festivals grand parade. A water parade called FLUVIAL prossesion is held on the day before the grand parade. The prossesion start at dawn from Mandaue City and ends in Cebu City. A pump boat is decorated with flowers in candles with the Sto. Nino in it. A reenactment of the Christianizing of Cebu follows at the Basilica. A solemn prossesion is held in the afternoon along the city.

On the Sinulog Festival days, a pontifical mass headed by the cardinal is held at the Basilica. Bishops of Cebu assists in these event. Devotees and others populate the Basilica to attend the mass. Afterwards , they all head out to the street to witness the Sinulog Festival grand parade.

The word “SINULOG” is from the Cebuano adverd “SULOG” it means water current movement. It’s adaptation describes the forward backward step movement of the Sinulog dances. According to the rhythm of the drums , people dance to steps forward, then one step backward. In the later years: these dance has in envolved into three categories: Sinulog - base, free – interpretation, and latin Categories. And has been the cause argument.

The historic event where the Sinulog Festivals is base was on April 7,1521. Fernando de Magallanes, a Portuguese, navigator landed in Cebu and claim the area in the name of the king of spain.He gave the Sto. Nino to Rajah Humabon wife, Haraj Amihan as a baptismal present. Rajah Humabon was Cebus ruler at that time. In honor of Carlos mother, Juana, haraj Amihan name was changed to Queen Juana.

The Sinulog festival is an important event in the Filipinos religious life. It is a time for joyful and colorful celebration.


The Obando fertility dance is a festivals where the couples who hope to be blessed by the childrens performs street...
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