Classification of Bacteria

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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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Bacteria are among the oldest species in the world.They both incerease in number and comply with nature very quikly so,they maintain their species.Therefore,bacteria have been the most common type of species according to number.Hence,bacteria had been classified in order to make analysis.easily.Bacteria can be classified into three main categories on the basis of their nurition:saprophytic,parasitic and chemoautotrophic bacteria. The Saprophytic bacteria are the first type of bacteria according to their nutrition that depends on organic remains for their food .These bacteria have most two crucial types called fermentation and putrefactive bacteria .Fermantation bacteria break down carbonhydrates by anaerobic respiration.These bacteria benefit human life such as contributing occuring of yogurt,taking place fermentation of beer so as. Putrefactive bacteri smash preteins using anaerobic respiration.These bacteria participate in life cycle.They play an important role in cleaning the environment.Dead animals and plants are mixed to the earth by these bacteria. The second type is parasitic bacteria which provide their food from other livin beings that live with parasitic bacteria.They may or may not be disease causing.Diseas causing is called pathogenic bacteria which may cause different disease such as tuberculosis,meningitis by attacking host cells or releasing toxins. Some parasitic bacteria do not damage to host live that is referred nonpathogenic bacteria.These types of bacteria use only nutrition of host live.Escherichia Coli is the best example of these bacteria that live in large intestine of human and never damages to people. The third type is chemoautotrophic bacteria that produce organic matter using of energy provided by oxidation of chemicals with carbon dioxide.These bacteria have two significant types referred nitrifying bacteria and denitrifying bacteria.Niyrifying bacteria make energy by oxidation reaction...
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