Classification Essay Why People Flirt

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  • Published : February 27, 2012
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Jazmine Hulett
English 101
14 November 2011
Why People Flirt
A wink, a little shoulder gripping, a curious smile, Flirting is commonly considered a way for people to show an interest in each other without coming out and saying it. But modern research shows many things that aren’t usually thought about. The fact that married and single people flirt, that its said by scientist that our biology and culture push us to flirt, or even that people flirt not to show interest but for personal gain. Either way, flirting is a regular occurrence in our lives and the causes tend to depend on the person doing the flirting.

One of the reasons that researchers say we flirt is that we can’t help it. Humans are programmed to flirt, whether by biology or culture (Luscombe). It is widely believed that in certain situations, that flirting is sometimes unintentional and cued by the body and mind unconsciously. Researchers say that flirting is the way that we express our need to mate and create offspring, meaning that the act of flirting is unconscious. Researchers also say that from the dawn of time, humans have flirted which helped them swiftly and more successfully find a mate and reproduce and therefore the behavior became widespread in all humans. I believe that sometimes this theory is true, I sometimes find myself batting my eyes a little more than usual, or laughing a little louder, or smiling harder when I find someone attractive. Flirting to me seems like it is sometimes second nature when I find someone attractive or someone is flirting with me. I do also flirt when I want someone to know that I am intested in them and I want to see if they will flirt back with me.

On the other hand, flirting sometimes becomes a “social fallback position”. We all learn rules for how to behave in certain situations and flirting makes it easier for people to know how to act, even when they are nervous. In other words, when in doubt, we flirt (Luscombe). I agree that flirting...
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