Classification Essay

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Classification of Pro Football Players Essay

The National Football League is the highest level of professional (american) football in the world. It was formed in 1920 and has gone through expansion,
contraction and mergers to become what it is today. The amount of money that the league generates is very bug business, and so the athletes that play need to be in

peak physical condition to preform at the highest level. There are many different types of players that play in the NFL, some are big and some are small. The
classification of these players are the ones mainly involved in the game. Each position requires the athlete to have a unique ability and certain physical attributes to
perform successful against other top athletes. This should shed light on how many pieces there are in creating a proper roster, and how difficult it can be to have a
successful team,

The quarterback is the most important player on the field, it is often called the most glorified and scrutinized position in organized team sports. A quarterback has
to be very intelligent, seeing the defense and organizing his team to be in position to exploit the weakness of the opposition. The quarterback communicates with
the coaching staff to get plays that are to be run on a given play. The quarterbacks main objective while the ball is is in play is to either hand the ball off to a
running teammate, advance the ball himself by running, or passing the ball to a teammate to gain as many yards as possible. These men need to have quick
judgement to decide where and how to advance the ball and a strong throwing arm to make any type of throw that is necessary to get a completion. Those are the two
most important attributes for a quarterback.

The wide receivers and defensive backs are both of the same mental and physical mold, they are often called perimeter players because they play outside of the
line of scrimmage and near the sidelines....
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