Classification Essay

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  • Published : October 19, 2011
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Candice Daniels
Eng 101-11
Dr. Drew
Classification Essay
Have you ever noticed the different types of command level in a workplace? Before my first job I never noticed the different command levels. Each level of the worker benefits their company in a certain way. It is important to have different levels of command in a business because it builds more structure to a company and it helps and grows the business. At my first job it was 3 levels of commands, but every business is different. You can some business with 6 different command levels. The different command levels in my workplace were the manager and assistant manager, the supervisor but could also be known as a key holder and last but not least the fashion rep.

The first level is the manager, as the manager they hold a lot of duties and responsibility for the company. Some of their duties include performance management, payroll, and schedule workplace scheduling Store business operations, including managing profit and loss, facility management, safety and security, loss prevention and banking, Product management, Team Development, facilitating staff learning and development .Problem solving, and handling unusual circumstances. Handling those duties can seem like a lot to handle but that’s when the assistant manager plays their role. The assistant manager is there to assist the manager in major responsibilities that the manager has to handle. Some duties that the assistant manager has the handle are recruiting and hiring employees, training and development, and manage employees. Being an assistant manager can be a big hassle too, but with the team work of a manager and assistant manager it can help run a business smoother. The other level of command is the supervisor, the supervisor can also be known as a key holder. Key-holders are important because they take on added responsibilities to help operate the Daniels 2

store in a responsible manner. The duties of a key-holder is to...
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