Classification Essay

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  • Published : February 17, 2011
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Classification Essay

During our lifetime, we come across many different types of people. Some people will dislike us while others will want to be just like us. The ones who dislike you are mostly referred to as your enemies and the ones who want to be like you are called your friends. There are three different types of friends. They are the acquaintances you make in school, the friends you lose as you grow, and best friends who may leave, but they never go too far. First of all, there are the friends that you only see during school. When you see them out in public, it is like they do not even exist. Usually, you have known them for many years, and still have not talked to them outside of school. These acquaintances are nice people to talk to, but nobody really puts in the extra effort to make it more than that. You never have to worry about taking chances with these types of friends. You just talk to them in school, and go on your marry way. These acquaintances are the people that you talk to about different hobbies and class studies. Not your own personal life. Acquaintances are the ones that you will not see for the first time until the schools ten year reunion. Second, there are your former friends. This type of friend is the one that grew up in your neighborhood and eventually moved away. With this type of friend, they bring back the childhood memories that many thought were forgotten. One might be embarrassed at first about seeing their former friend, but as soon as conversation starts they are back to their childhood. This type of friend is good to have because it is nice to go back and remember the old times. Lastly, you have your best friends. These friends are the ones that are practically a part of your family. Your best friend is the one you go to when you are having problems and need advice. Usually you have the best times when you are with them. Best friends share common interests, and do many things together. It is nice to have these friends,...
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