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  • Published : November 8, 2010
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In today’s society, children are faced with many obstacles; bullying, learning disabilities, trying to “fit in”, and obesity just to name a few. Many children have problems with obesity due to the easy access to fast food and junk food. One of the biggest forms of junk food is candy of any sort. Some children are chocolate fanatics, some like the sweet, sugar-coated candy, and others like the sour candy that make their lips pucker. Today I am going to tell you about the different categories of candy. First is chocolate. Everyone loves the way chocolate taste and feels in your mouth when it melts and becomes creamy. Chocolate is used as a symbol of many holidays also. Hershey makes chocolate kisses in all flavors and wrapped in red and pink foil for Valentine’s Day. For Easter, chocolate is formed into the shape of eggs and comes in all sizes. From little, one bite eggs to the big, hollow in the middle eggs that come in a cardboard box. At Christmas time calendars are made for the month of December so people can pull back a tab, count down the days until Christmas, and have a piece of chocolate at the same time. Chocolate also comes in different flavors. You can get white chocolate, which has its own unique chocolate taste. Milk chocolate, this is the creamiest type. Or you can get dark chocolate, which, according to the doctors, is the heart healthiest for you. You can also get chocolate with things mixed in with it. For example, a Hershey’s bar with nuts or a Ghirardelli’s square with caramel in the middle. There is a type of chocolate for everyone. Second is the sweet, sugar coated candy. Although there is a wide variety of brands and shapes of these candies, most are made in a fruity flavor. Lifesavers come in many different flavors and two types of texture. You can get a little kid’s favorite, the gummy lifesaver, or the hard candy lifesaver which can last a long period of time. Another type of sweet candy is the beloved skittles. Kids...
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