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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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When I started to work I was not aware of all the different types of workers. Each co-worker had a different way of doing things and a different personality. I can classify them into four categories because they are the most common, the lazy, the complainer, the talker, and the know-it-all. My first job was at Target, and I encountered the know-it-all that was always telling me how to do things because he had been there longer. I also met the lazy co-worker that made my work harder. My next and current job was at Foot locker, here I faced the complainer. This person complained about the long hours and all the work he had to do. At both my jobs I’ve met a person that is a talker, a lazy, a complainer, and a know-it-all. A lazy co-worker always wants to get their task done so they don’t get in trouble with management but they do it with little effort as possible. They take shortcuts doing the work. For example if ordered to organize some boxes according to size and color, a lazy worker will only do the ones that are on the top or a few that will be checked by the supervisor. Due to the worker’s inability to complete a task the correct way someone else will have to fix them another day, and cause payroll to be wasted. The hours spent fixing a lazy worker’s mistake could be used on something more productive. Lazy workers keep their jobs for as long as they do by taking credit from others. If asked to do a specific job with another person the lazy worker will take advantage of the other’s work ethic to take the same amount of credit for the work done.

Workers sometimes complain a lot about the job. There are the ones who complain whenever the rules are enforced, these are the people that express out loud their dissatisfaction. The people who are complainers, most of the time they go and complain to everybody who will hear them or to the co-workers who are on the same level as them, since they are more likely to agree. These people are not ones to go complain to...
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