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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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Methods of Studying for a PMU Final Exam

Final Exams are horrible and stressful things to study for, especially if a student doesn’t start early enough. Students try to study in different manners and apply various methods that may enable them to achieve the best results. Despite the unique character that each student has, there are three different methods that generally work with most students before final exams. These are: flash cards, mind maps, and condensing and memorizing. However, none of these methods will work unless a student begins applying them at least 1 week prior to the exam. First of all, using Flash cards is probably one of the oldest methods in studying for the final exams. Yet, they are useful for some specific subject s that has many definitions to be memorized such as theories and terms. A student should write the flash cards as soon as he/she can, and then go over them 1-2 times each day, until the exam. If a student gets over 90 percent correct by the end, researchers say, he/ she should go through the flash cards more. He or she should use this method of studying because it represents his preferable and successful way of learning. Moreover, it is the most suitable method according to his or her own learning style. As for Holistic Learning or studying using mind maps is another effective way to revise before final exams. Generally speaking, it could be very beneficial when used with subjects that have large amounts of related information which is an obstacle since it is hard to memorize or to understand. In addition, this kind of related information causes a big confusion in the learners’ minds. This way connects this information together so that they are not easily forgotten. For example, you could study derivatives this way: beauty beautify beautiful and so on. Organizing the related information this way makes it understandable and logical. The last technique is condensing and memorizing. A student in this...
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