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Classification Essay

By | November 2012
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Fatimah AL-Faraj
10,2012 ,March
Section 208
Types of Pets
When thinking of getting a pet for companionship, there are several things to take into consideration: maintenance, space, cost, and attention needed for the pet. People first need to decide how much time they have for maintaining of the pet. There are three main levels of maintenance: low maintenance, medium maintenance, and high maintenance. Somebody who has little time might want to choose a pet that requires little maintenance. Pets that fall into this level are fish, ant farms, and worm farms. Requiring a minimal amount of attention daily, they can be fed and watered once a day. This type of pet in addition does not require any veterinarian care. This typeof pet is unable to offer any comportment of companionship. For a person who has a little more time for a pet, one requiring a medium amount of maintenance might work well. Birds, lizards, iguanas, snakes, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, gerbils, hermit crabs, and turtles are pets that can be fed and watered in the morning and then in the evening there can be a little more extra care taken of them. Then once or twice a week the pet's accommodation needs to be cleaned. These pets usually require a minimal amount of veterinarian care. These pets are capable of offering some companionship. Someone who has a great deal of time for maintenance of a pet might choose one that requires a high amount of maintenance. Cats, ferrets, and dogs are generally the type of pets in this level of maintenance. A cat needs water and food daily, their litter changed as needed and a little loving every day. A cat requires less attention than a dog would because cats do not need to get out and run as much as a dog would. Cats are content on prowling around the house while alone, going to the bathroom in a litter box, and rarely even needing to get out of the house. Ferrets need a little more attention than a cat. Even though ferrets can be kept in a...

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