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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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As I have studied at the Art Institute I have researched and discovered several different types of art and what they consists of. Installation art consists of 3D modeling or in other words sculptures of live images. Such as a statue, a building, a good example is a model of our solar system. Performance art is another type this consists of Theatrical plays and the. Painting was my favorite one to discover and research, because I did not realize there are as many ways to paint as there are. Like, oil pastel, chalk pastel, water colors, acrylic, water based, oil based, fabric painting, canvas painting, and finally glass painting to name a few. I know you don’t want to hear it but graffiti is also considered an art form. Don’t tell my children that they are already doing graffiti on my walls but no harm in it they are toddlers so they are forgiven. Moving on, we also have drawing as an art form which consists of color pencil, sketches, chalk, and charcoal. They may include such drawings as anime which is drawing of cartoons which is led to the creation of animation, but I will get more into that later. Next on the list is collage art which is taking pieces of newspaper clipping, photographs, ribbons or other material and gluing them onto fabric or paper. Maybe you have made one in art class when you were in school or even as a project for history. Sculpture Art consists of Clay, plaster, bronze or metal you may find of some of these floating around your community or featured in a museum. Digital art consists of photography, animation maybe even a website. Lithography is the transferring of an image on a rock or smooth metal maybe even a stamp on to a piece of paper or other transferable product. Film can consist of movies which is animation or Photography. Photography is the taking of photos using a camera which can be film or digital, black and white, and sepia. In digital photography you can even have a black and white that has focus on a certain color in the...
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