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  • Published : April 24, 2011
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Different types of Traveling
Vacation can be a short or long amount of time; I could take off from work and school to go visit friends, family, and my native land or stay home and relax. I’ve experienced three types of vacations: traveling alone, traveling with people I do not know and traveling with family of more than three people

The first type, traveling alone, is the most expensive and not a fun trip. Even though it might be expensive; I like traveling alone on vacation. I go somewhere to relax from school, family problems and work stress. One of the main reasons why I love traveling alone is that, I want my space, no distraction from anybody and go to whatever I want with nobody stopping me

The second type is traveling with people I do not know. For example when I travel on a school bus to a place, I do not know the people on the bus. They do what they want; and, you I cannot stop them. They talk, shout, have their music aloud, curse, eat what I do not like and some of them smells. One way to stay away from that is to travel alone or travel with people I know because I know their habits.

The third type is traveling with family of more than three people. I often go on vacation with my family because it is fun, safe, cheap and helpful. We all contribute money for where we are going to stay, food that we are going to eat, fun activities that we will participate to when we get there; and, sometimes we drive our own car to save on plane ticket, train or bus money.
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