Classical Theatre Evaluation; Antigone

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  • Published : January 16, 2012
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Classical Theatre: Duologues

For a classical theatre assignment we were given a duologue from the Greek play, Antigone, written by Sophocles. The dialogue takes place between Creon, King of Thebes, and his son, Haemon. My partner for this was Brandon, who took the part of Creon and I played Haemon. The scene is about Haemon coming to confront his father concerning his decision on Antigones execution, Haemon’s fiancé. Having previously read Oedipus the King, I had a reasonable knowledge of the circumstances prior to this play. In the early stages of working the script we did a number of exercises to help us really work hard on the long monologues within the text, which could easily have become boring to an audience if the actor isn’t fully engaging with the text. One of the exercises we did was for the person speaking the text to stand behind their partner, the partner would then walk away if they felt they were losing interest in what the person speaking was saying, or if they felt they speaker was become disengaged in any way. This made you really work hard at being interesting, engaging and staying alive within the space, and under the pressure that you would face rejection if you didn’t keep this up. We did this exercise using the whole group as the listener, which produced an interesting result. The people furthest away from the speaker tended to move the furthest, indicating that projection was important when trying to keep an audience interested. An interesting point is that I decided to use a Greek method of mnemonics to memorise the text; loci. This turned out to be effective as it gave me mental visual references for my monologue to connect to and made remembering the long sections of text very easy. This was mainly because I thought it would be interesting to do considering we were working with Greek theatre and didn’t have many real benefits. In the early stages of working the piece, my partner and I broke down the dialogue into small...
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