Classical Societies Essay

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  • Published : December 22, 2012
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Classical Societies Essay
Lori Hardin
Hum 205

For centuries Classical societies have lent their contributions to art and influence us yet today. Art is a very broad topic and can be seen many different ways, it depends on the viewer. I will give my interpretation on five ancient works of art, Classical Greece, The Hellenistic Greece, Etruscan Civilization, Roman Republic and Roman Empire. The Parthenon, from Classical Greece shows a Doric style of architecture from the Classical Greece period and was built out of marble. It was built and dedicated to the maiden Goddess Athena, who was said to be the people of Greece’s patron. The Athenian’s also believed she helped them conquer the Persian Empire during the Persian Wars. The construction began in 447 BC when the Empire was said to be at its highest power. It was finally completed in 438 BC and is said to the most important surviving building of Classical Greece. The Parthenon relates to the culture of Classical Greece by the peoples religion and worship to the Gods and it symbolized wealth and power to the Athenians. During the Hellenistic Period they studied and celebrated the body and used their knowledge to show that in the sculpture of the Nike of Samothrace. It is an eight foot tall sculpture found on the island called Samothrace and to this day the artist is still unknown. It was estimated to be sculpted around 190 BC and shows a mastery of form and movement and is considered to be the Louvre’s greatest treasure, it conveys action and triumph as well as flowing drapery which the Greeks of the Hellenistic Period considered to the ideal of beauty. The Hellenistic culture worked towards a more realistic way of expressing the human figure with sweeping lines and dramatic poses as seen in the sculpture of the Nike of Samothrace.
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