Classical Music

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Classical Music
Passion and determination are leading forces that can aid in conquering anything. A true appreciation and optimism arises when one can express themselves deep within. The ability to connect what one feels through music is rewarding. Classical music has changed the perspective of an average individual. The genre is very different compared to other genres of music; the music is elegant, expressive, and artistic. This genre of music is intricate, yet passionate and it shows a direct representation of the composer himself. It is a piece that has proved its value overtime. The strong sounds of classical music have made such a tremendous impact on society compared to other types of music. Classical music is rooted all the way from the 11th century to present day today. In the article, “The Rise and Fall of Literacy in Classical Music: An Essay on Musical Notation,” Dahl states the period from 1550 to the 1900 was known as “the Common Practice”. Classical music is largely distinguished from other art forms due to the notation. The music is measured precisely with pitch speed, meter, rhythm, and exact execution of the piece of music; thus, it leaves less room for practice and more room for individuality. People are able to take music into their own hands. The sky is the limit to whatever he or she chooses to perform. This eliminates items such as improvising and ad labium ornamentations found in other art forms. The term “Classical Music” was not used until the early 19th century to distinguish the period of Johann Sebastian Bach and the era of Beethoven. The earliest form recorded was in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1836 (69-71). Based upon what the composer feels deep within will be the result of a beautiful and meaningful piece of music. In the article “The Sounds of Music” by James Blears, he includes a short biography about Jaime Catan and Catan’s true appreciation of classical music. James Catan once said, “Classical music is such a vast genre and many music lovers are completely without guidance” (Blears, 52). Catan continues explaining how classical music has everything to do with feeling and what gets you deep into your soul. It is more of a drive and force that people create effortlessly by what they simply feel. If the performer feels excited and happy, the music piece can be uplifting and high-energy. The piece will be a direct representation of what he or she wants to express. He states, “The key to appreciating music is to truly understanding what the composer had in mind when creating it” He really wants everyone to love classical music as much as he does. James Blears states, “His passion (Jaime Catan) for what he is saying shows in the way he gesticulates with his strong, massive hands-hands which, upon touching the piano keys, turn into delicate but powerful instruments.” (Blears, 53). Another thing that James Catan explained was that the composer’s music may not fit within everyone’s taste of music, but that does not mean that the music is bad. For example, he had a difficult time understanding Claude Debussy, Sergei Prokofiev, Beethoven and Bach. This didn’t stop him from listening to the music-however- he used this to better himself. From ages ten to twenty-five, Jaime Catan practice for eight long hours every single day. He learned many skills such as self- analysis which is the ability to actually listen to what he was playing. The famous composers-listed above-were strong leaders in the music industry who still-to this day- touches everyone who is willing to listen. Furthermore, different types of music can be difficult to understand but if a person is willing to give it a chance, the reward can be worthwhile (Blears, 53-55). In general if a person is willing to give something a chance, anything can happen. On another note, classical music has a wide range of listeners. Detailed research was done on the types of people who attend classical music concerts. Researchers have taken into...
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