Classical Management Perspective

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This assignment consist of overall four chapters .The chapter that have be assignment is chapter 1 Managing and the manager’s job ,chapter 2 Traditional and Contemporary Issues and Challenges ,chapter 8 Managing Strategy and Strategic Planning and chapter 20 Managing Leadership and Influence Process.

The question on chapter 1 that have we done about management skills and how the management skill apply in real situation .The question on chapter 2 that have we done about the pattern of management development ,management innovation seem to draw on a classical management perspective ,a behavioral management perspective and the contingency perspective .The management science approach with less quantitative approaches and leadership reflect the same conditions as those that influence its current approach to management. While the question that chapter 8 that we done about SWOT analysis , Porter’s generic strategies theory , the Miles and Snow typology theory and how the theory is apply to a case or real situation. Last but not least is the question on Chapter 20 that have discuss about referent power and expert power played in leadership, path-goal theory of leadership, pros and cons rely heavily on mentoring and long-term leadership development and leadership style. 2.0 Chapter 1:Managing and the manager’s job

1.What management skills did Jack demonstrate as a marketing manager at the travel-products company? What management skills did he demonstrate as a VP at the consumer-products firm? Answer:
As a marketing manager at the travel-products company, Jack had demonstrated decision making skills. Decision making skills defined as the ability of the manager to correctly recognize and determine problems and opportunities and to then select an appropriate course of action to solve problems and capitalize on opportunities. Jack determined to left for a job as a marketing manager at the travel-products company, though a little impatient with the tedious process of sifting through market-research data. He felt that it was an action of wasting time and also energy as well. So, in order to overcome this situation; Jack made a decision to left the current position and proceeds to a better position as a marketing manager at a travel-products company. After that, he devoted his considerable energy and creativity to planning new products. His aggressive marketing instinct and also experience in marketing field gave him a huge advantages in the process of planning a brand new products. Based on the efforts that Jack put in, the sales of the new products had outstripped all the sales projections and had a profitable revenues which meant when he decided to kick start a new products, he really planned for it and made the best decision ever in order to get the good outcomes. However, Jack had demonstrated diagnostic skills as a VP at the consumer-products firm. Diagnostic skills refer to a skills that enables a manager to visualize the most appropriate response to a situation. Jack was able to figure out people’s needs or the demands of the latest trends nowadays. The needs which emphasized in the text does not based on humans, on the other hands was based on animals. He produced a combination oral-hygiene and teeth-whitening rinse for dogs which is the up-to-date trends in which raising pets has already integrated into the human’s life. Based on this situation, Jack has the capable and the ability to visualize the needs of the humans from the psychology facets or aspects in terms of producing the products that can fulfill the human’s needs and wants as well.

2.Should Jack taken the special assignment offered him by the consumer-products firm? What kind was the president overseas operations thinking about when he offered the assignment to Jack? Answer:

In my point of views, I’m strongly believe that Jack should takes the special assignment that offered by the consumer-products firm. It’s because this was the great...
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