Classical Conditioning Paper

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  • Published : October 10, 2011
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Classical Conditioning Paper
Alechia Stone-Sirry
University of Phoenix
Learning and Cognition
Trent Codd
September 19, 2011

Classical Conditioning Paper
The theory of classical conditioning started with Ivan Pavlov who was noticed for his famous experiment with his dogs. Pavlov used a bell right before he would feed his dogs, after the dogs became used to the bell ringing they would begin to salivate because they knew that the ringing of the bell meant that they were about to be fed. The theory of classical conditioning is one in which it is a learning process, what is meant by this is that learning occurs through the association between a stimulus that is environmental and a stimulus that occurs naturally. This is where a signal that is neutral produces a reflex that occurs naturally. The theory of classical conditioning involves a few responses such as the unconditioned stimulus in which something will automatically produce a response. The other one consists of the unconditioned response which is the result of the unconditioned stimulus such as the smell of food will make one feel hungry. The next one is the conditioned stimulus which is associated with the unconditioned stimulus in which eventually will trigger a conditioned response. The next one is the conditioned response that is a learned response. The scenario that I chose is the one such as training my dog to sit; I chose this because I had to do this with my little dog. In the beginning it was difficult for my dog to learn this; his name is Benji and is an extremely smart dog that really thinks that he is human. When I first started to train Benji to sit, it was somewhat difficult; however I learned very quickly that just teaching him how to sit involved more than just pushing on his behind to get him to sit. I finally learned that Benji should have a treat in front of him while training him to sit down. This is what occurred; I would get those little pepperoni sticks that are for...
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