Classical Conditioning in My Life

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  • Published : May 9, 2011
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Learned Food Aversion

I experienced a food aversion when I took an anti-allergy medicine with water. When I was seven, I had an allergy on cats. When the allergy started, I took very nasty and bitter pills with water. In time whenever I drank water without the pills, I felt bitterness in my mouth. I didn’t drink water since then. Only in five years I started to drink water again. At first I felt bitterness in my mouth from the medicine which I took with water together. Therefore my unconditioned stimulus was the medicine, and the unconditioned response was the bitterness. When I didn’t have cats around anymore and stopped to use the medicine, I felt bitterness whenever I drank the water. Therefore my conditioned stimulus was the water while the conditioned response was the bitterness.

Adolescent Emotional Experience
When I lived in Russia, I often came home from school in a bad mood because I could not get along with my classmates. When I came from school, I tried to relax and either watched the movie or to do other things. Once I tried to relax by listening to the songs. I put my favorite song on and listened. Somehow I started to go over the things that happened at school. I became sad because I realized that I had no friends except for my family. The next few days I spent time listening to that song again. However, now that song made me feel sad. Now I don’t listen to that song because I don’t want to feel sad again. In this case the unconditioned stimulus is the things that happened at school while the unconditioned response is my sadness and loneliness because when I remembered them I felt bad. The conditioned stimulus is the song and the conditioned response is sadness because whenever I listened to that song I became sad.

Fear or Phobia
My friend is afraid of the large vehicles. When she was a child, she walked with her mother a lot. The park was far away from home, so they had to walk near the road to come there. The big vehicles were noisy....
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