Classical Conditioning and Ice Cream Truck

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  • Published : August 17, 2010
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Functionalistic and Associationistic Theories Discussion
1. What is the different between conditioned and unconditioned responses? Provide at least three examples of each type of response. Conditioned is a learned reaction to a conditioned stimulus that occurs because of prior conditioning and unconditioned is an unlearned reaction/response to an unconditioned stimulus that occurs without prior conditioning. Example:

2. According to Pavlov, what determines how individuals respond to the environment? The momentary cortical mosaic determines how an organism will respond to its environment. Pavlov saw the brain as a mosaic of points of excitation and inhibition. Each point on the brain corresponds to an environmental event.

3. What is the Garcia effect? How can the Garcia effect be used? Garcia effect is a conditioned taste aversion. With the Garcia experiments, rats were given saccharine – sweetened water, causing nausea and illness to the rats. Through the experiments, the rats would avoid the taste after being presented with a new taste. Garcia's discovery, conditioned taste aversion, is considered a survival mechanism because it allows an organism to recognize foods that have previously been determined to be poisonous. The Garcia effect has been used to control predators such as wild coyotes that prey on limbs and other livestock.

4. What does it mean when a behavior is classified as a conditioned response? What are some examples of a conditioned emotional response that you have observed in yourself or in a friend? This behavior is a learned conditioned that involves with emotional reactions such as fear, anger or joy. An example of a conditioned response is observing my kids and the ice cream truck. They love ice cream and they get excited to eat it. When they hear the ice cream truck coming they are happy and excited. Their unconditioned stimulus would be the ice cream and their unconditioned response is that they are happy and...
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