Classical Conditioning

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Classical Conditioning Pape
July 25, 2011

There are many theories about learning, one in particular sought to explain learning through processes that occur through associations with environmental stimuli and natural stimuli. This theory was discovered coincidently by a Russia physiologist named Ivan Pavlov; Pavlov called this approach classical conditioning. The following short essay will describe the theory of classical conditioning as well to provide some history on its’ development through Ivan Pavlov. This essay will also provide some common behavioral patterns that are associated with the theory of classical conditioning. I will also choose a scenario in which the classical conditioning theory could be applied in terms of learning. Lastly, I will prepare a chart in which I illustrate how I could apply classical conditioning to the selected scenario of my choice, a mentioned above. Classical Conditioning

Classical conditioning can be defined as a learning process in which a conditioned stimulus that previously had not been present becomes associated with an unconditioned stimulus that can produce a response. Eventually, the conditioned stimuli will elicit a response that the unconditioned stimuli produced (Pavlov, 1927). A Russian physiologist stumbled upon the concept of classical conditioning by the name of, Ivan Pavlov. Pavlov was researching and studying the digestive processes of dogs when he noticed a strange concept within the animals. It seemed that every time Ivan or his associated entered into the room where the dogs were the dogs would begin to salivate. Pavlov found this occurrence to be of interest and he began to study this affect more within his research. With some time and through some investigations Pavlov noticed that the salivation of the dogs was not attributed to an automatic response like he had once speculated but was actually a learned process. Pavlov had discovered something, the dogs were...
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