Classical Comparison Essay

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  • Published : February 26, 2012
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Classical Comparison Essay

During the Ancient times, China and India both had their own set of beliefs; Han Wudi excerised Confucianism in China and Ashoka promoted Buddhism in India but Han Wudi was not a lover of Confucian where Ashoka himself practiced Buddhism. However both ruled with a centralized bureaucracy and policed the provinces to maintain order and policies. And lastly, neither had strict policies constricting their people nor did they have much of a justified social structure. Every society creates or follows a belief system and typically bases their community off of their beliefs and values. In Ancient China, a major belief structure that hatched was Confucianism which is the idea of life is to carry out a role in society with propriety, kindness, and filial piety. Han Wudi actually established an Imperial University in 124 BCE that adopted Confucianism as official course of study. The reason why he created this university was because there was a huge demand for government officials because of the many persecutions of them during the Qin administration. However, Han Wudi wasn’t a lover of scholarship but demanded educated class for bureaucracy. But in conclusion, Han Wudi promoted Confucianism for educational purposes. In direct comparison, Ancient India had belief systems of their own including Buddhism. Buddhism is based off the Four Noble Truths which are: all life is pain, there is an end to suffering, removing desire removes suffering, and this is done through the eight-fold path. After the violent war with Kalinga, Ashoka converted to Buddhism most likely of a guilty conscience. He then banned animal sacrifices, gave up hunting expeditions, and eliminated meat dishes from his court. Ashoka spread Buddhism throughout India by monasteries and stupas. Comparing Ashoka and Han Wudi, both spread and furthered belief systems in their emperors. Han Wudi did it by creating the imperial university and from even expanding his empire (their new...
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