Classic Drucker Book Report

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  • Published : November 30, 2012
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Classic Drucker Book Report
Recently, I had the pleasure of reading "Classic Drucker". The book contains 15 articles from Peter Drucker that were printed in the "Harvard Business Review". I chose a few takeaways with an explanation on why I chose them and how they can apply to your career. 1. "Whenever you make a key decision, write it down." Next to it, write down what you expect the end result will be." As you compile these decisions, review each on after an extended period of time. You will be surprised of your results and over time you may get increasingly accurate on your expected results. 2. "Mathematicians are born, but everyone can learn trigonometry." Some people are just naturally more intelligent than others but at the same time, we can learn some of the components of what they know, and know those components just as much as they can. 3. "Manners enable two people to work together whether they like each other or not." The words "please" and "thanks" go a long way in the business world. I even go as far as saying thanks when someone gives me a new assignment. At times they seem surprised but to be genuinely appreciative will show commitment to the team. 4. "Too many people work in ways that are not their ways, and that almost guarantees nonperformance". Your peers may have work habits that are not the same as yours but that doesn't make them non productive. Productivity revolves around results, not one's arrival time, or the fact that a person prefers to wear headphones while they work. 5. "To be effective in an organization, a person's values must be compatible with the organization's values". I interpreted this to mean, I am going to be much more successful if my values are aligned with my companies. Doing so will ensure that I am committed and passionate about my work, which has a better chance of leading to success. I wouldn't feel comfortable working for a company that practiced in lying and cheating to achieve...
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