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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Rose Carr Carr 1 Professor Bates
Computer Applications
December 4, 2012

Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint support various work environments

There are many different ways that Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that can help support various work environments. I have a few references for you that I think will help support Microsoft Office as well as various work environments. I have only found three that I believe support my belief and one of them is (2012, 01). Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Powerpoint in the Business Enviornment.. Retrieved 01, 2012, from

Another one is

Microsoft Office Word is mostly used to writing business letters to their clients. From one paragraph or 4 pages it’s where they will have their letter written up and printed. There are also different tools like spell check and grammar, formatting tab, paragraph selection and etc. that also become useful. Business cards can also be used on Microsoft Word and then printed out which also is being used in the work place environment.

Microsoft Excel is mostly used because of its layout and widespread availability, it is often used as a tool to create and maintain a list. More users use it to store database records, create charts or graphs. A lot of organization uses excel to manage their budgets, business planning, customers records, business intelligence, analysis of sales data, customer data, performance dashboard, etc.

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations utilize both audio and visual techniques, making for easier understanding. Normal teaching and training is interactive and more effective by using PowerPoint presentations instead of simple lectures. Many...