Class I Railroad and Financial Aid

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Dear Office of Student Financial Assistance:

I am appealing my financial aid suspension because of difficulty completing my courses. Last semester was my third at KU. I believe that my lack of focus due to having an unannounced 4 year old daughter I just discovered in October of last year and my grandma died soon after. My past records show I have met the Satisfactory Academic Progress I just had a bad semester due to personal issues. Personal issues of this sort are very rare that’s why I feel I should be given another shot at my financial aid. I feel it’s a privilege to even have it since everyone is not able to get it. Without financial aid I would not be able finish my career of running or my educational success at The University of Kansas. The Steps I am going to take or have taken to assure successful academic progress in the future:

1. Retake classes that have had a negative impact on my GPA.

2. Meet with each of my instructors and talk with them about what they believe will make me a better student in their class.

3. Go to the scheduled office hours of each instructor when I am having difficulty with the class material.

4. Develop a relationship with other students to form study groups.

5. Go to class on time as scheduled.

I believe that I was letting my personal issues get in my way of my studies. My mind was very weak and I couldn’t focus so it left little time to study. I have gotten back in a grove of things since Christmas Break and school now is going great. I had to focus on the bigger picture staying in college and running track so now I have dedicated all my time to study, I have had this approved by my work. I have also retaken 1 of the 2 classes that was hurting my GPA, the first class is Math and so far I’m doing great in it and I am dedicated to get a B in that .The second class I am currently taking is my English Class and I am averaging an B in the class with only 2 papers left, which is a big...
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