Class Will and Testament

Topics: High school, Problem solving, 2004 singles Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: March 24, 2011
Time flies so fast. We are now here at the departing line: you, the juniors, to stay, and we, the seniors, batch 2011, to leave. Being about to pass in this sphere of education, full of dreams and aspirations and ready to face the challenges the future may uphold, realizing that years may come and go, but there will never be a year like this. Therefore I, Christine Casaljay, on this twelfth day of February, twenty hundred and eleven, speak on behalf of the seniors, batch 2011, and hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. With the guidance and advice given to us by our beloved teachers, with the knowledge gained which cannot be repaid, we do hereby distribute equally as possible the interest, skills, and qualifications of our class to the succeeding juniors with the hope that our successors may, before departing, continue those we left unfinished. To all the juniors, we will you our knowledge in solving problems not only in the subject matters in school but also in the problems that you may face in life. We leave you the usufruct of Little Shepherd Business and Science High School, the responsibilities as well as the privileges, the hardships, and happiness, the tears and laughter, the do’s and don’ts that we followed, the losses and wins, with the fervent wish that they maintain and uphold the ideals and good name of our beloved school, Little Shepherd Business and Science High School. May you continue to prosper and fly high! Thank you.
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