Class Tardiness

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  • Published : September 26, 2011
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Have you ever been tardy to class? Do you get penalty for being tardy? Is it a good thing for students to be tardy? Is being tardy means that you are not smart? Why is that students like being tardy? Is it a habit? Imagine if all of sudden students decide to be tardy. What will be the outcome of that? Will being tardy affect the student’s future? A tardy student lack responsibility and shows no interest in following direction. Being on time is not only a duty for students, but also a part of good manners, respect, good reputation, influential, and useful. Tardy all the time to class shows careless and a waste of time. Therefore, students should use their time wisely and do their best at all times. Class tardiness is pretty much not an issue for student these days. It seems to be a normal thing to them. However, the reasons students being tardy can tell whether the student is being committed or not, being peer pressured, and responding to nature calls. First, students being tardy to class show that they are not committed. In addition to class tardiness, the student is 100 percent responsible for the action done in life. There is no one to blame for your own action. Many students are tardy because they had turned tardy to be a habit. A tardy mind student intends not to care much of education. The students not wanting to be there in the class makes them to be tardy. Enjoying the life is what a tardy student is doing, not knowing the consequences. Tardy to class shows that the student does not care and a sign of disrespect to the teacher. A student coming in class late really is disrespectful because the class is in session and the tardy student walking in the classroom interfering the teacher and student from learning. We all know that it is rude interfering someone when he or she is speaking. A tardy student should know how to get it done. A student whose being committed to school will turn out to be responsible and make others would want to rely on them....
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