Class Size

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Class Size

Teresa Motes

Shorter University

Class Size
One of the most important factors in an education is classroom size. Classroom size does not stand for the size of the room. It refers to the number of students in the room. The lower the number of students per classroom the better the results. According to studies smaller class size is associated with increased student academic performance in the lower grades. Students in a class of 15 outperform classes of 25, even with a paraprofessional assisting the teacher (Sadker, Sadker, & Zittleman, 2008). Smaller class size helps diminish discipline problems in the classroom. A crowded classroom can lead to problems if the classroom is not managed effectively and can result in discipline problems (Santrock, 2009). Researchers found in both reading and mathematics that students in small classes performed significantly better than students in regular classes. It was also found that minority ethnic groups benefited most from small classes (Finn & Achilles, 1999)

With small class sizes a teacher can have one-on-one time to get to know the students better, learn what the child can do academically, assess how a student interacts socially with other students, and determine how the students learn best. When a teacher is able to spend more time with a student they can identify the student’s strengths as well as their weaknesses. This type of learning environment is only possible with a small classroom size. Teachers with smaller class sizes are capable of giving students more individual attention that helps these students to better succeed in school. When a teacher can establish this type relationship with a student they can design an educational plan that is beneficial to all students. This is not possible in a large, crowded classroom because the larger classroom is often affected by discipline problems that consume much of the teacher’s time.

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