Class, Race, Religion

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  • Published : February 2, 2013
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Class, Race, and Gender

Monique Cahn
Family Theory
January 30, 2013
Many Families struggle to have the right balance between the duties and responsibility at work and the responsibilities at home. Many children are growing up in single parent families or in a family where both parents are employed. In the article it addresses class, race, and gender, classifying our society. In today’s economy we are seeing unemployment more amongst men than women. Many families are relying on the wages earned by the mother who is most likely to earn less than a male. In the description of the different class group, this is divided into upper class, middle- upper class, middle class, and lower class. In lower class families, the family is in limited means in terms of wealth and they rely more on the support of realities for help, for example if there is a small child that may need to be attended to while the parent is at work it can be difficult and very expensive to afford to put the child into a child care facility, the parent may then rely on the support of a family member to help care for the child. In lower class families there is an increase in poverty the number of family members exceed the amount of income earned. In middle class families they may have more opportunities than families that are in lower class families. Middle class families have a more reliable family structure. Middle class families are well educated professionals that have medical insurance, have established credit and money in bank accounts. Middle class families can afford to send their children to day cares, private schools, and to send their children college. Upper class families are well in means of money, their very wealthy families, and upper class families have great political power. Many members of an upper class family do not have to work for a living, members of an upper class family may have been born into wealth or have inherited the wealth...
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