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  Most of us would agree that the days we spent in high school were certainly the best days of our lives. Memorable ones I suggest. It was in high school that we made our grown-up friends, competed to excel, hoped for places in the sports team, toiled to lead in the student council, and yielded to take part in the school organ. It was also in high school when we first felt and experienced to love – puppy love as people say. Thus, it is indeed in this chapter that we learnt lessons about life; that what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. And it is inevitable that we encounter obstacles along the way, from which we learn to fight and to be strong.

    The class of 2008 has come along way since the freshman year at San Francisco High School, and memories come flooding back every time we reminisce each high school happening. All of which were joyous, worth remembering and unique in their own right.

I.    Igniting the inner light – freshmen year

Anxiety filled the air as freshmen wandered during the opening classes in San Francisco High School. All of whom were thinking who their adviser, teachers and classmates may be.  And as the school bell rang, every freshman began to walk hurriedly along the school grounds to finally reach their destination – their new home. Thus, the meandering class of 2008 came together under one roof in the white walls of Molave Building. Consequently, here is where our story began.

Everyone leapt unto their respective classrooms, and as they found themselves seats to sink in, murmurings started to conquer the place. Then a glaciating breeze seemed to stun every freshman and jerked them silent, way too different from the usual noisy chitchats, chants and laughter heard within the four corners of a classroom.

The first day of classes in high school signifies that to be a freshman is to be in possession of a wonderful thing: time. There is time to figure out what you want to do with your life, time to figure out what books you want to read. There is time to make friends.

This was the time of building friendships again, for each may have parted with old friends and that new sets of close acquaintances are to be developed. That I think is what being a freshman is all about – to begin again.

Our freshmen year may have been unique compared to the other years for it was in our time when the school decorum or dress code was changed, so that the boys could wear black pants instead of kaki pants. It was also in our time when the Department of Education first launched a project to further intensify the form of education in public high schools: the Bridge Program. Yes, we will never forget this program.  Every time we remember it, a painstaking examination flows back into our minds. And as days passed, we encountered several more mind-boggling and constraining tests to cogitate on. Take the National Achievement Test that welcomed us at our first year at SFHS as an example. But through all these, we came to the extent to study more, learn more and acquire more knowledge.

Our days in San Francisco High School continued to pass by and progress started to set in to our school as it welcomed development and change. The usual flood-prone and muddy area by the entrance of the Molave Building was then transformed into something more accessible as the drainage was improved and pathways concretized. Likewise, the school cafeteria with dull, tedious and wearisome ambiance has become lively, bright and auspicious, but was unfortunately set on fire months after the renovation.     

Notwithstanding the aforementioned concerns, every freshman continued to weave a strong bond of relationships with their new classmates and schoolmates, overcoming the sadness they felt as they went separate ways amongst elementary friends. And the once aloof, coy, and cold-hearted freshmen were turned steadfastly amicable. Hence, this was the time of being true and...
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