Class Prophecy

Topics: Miss Universe, Philippines, Bicol Region Pages: 4 (1837 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Class Prophecy
By: Kier Wen Lita
As a CEO of a company is not an easy role in my life. As a CEO of a shoe company, I need to promote and endorse products in order for my products to be recognized in the whole world. I travelled from one country to another country to promote and to endorse my products. I was in Paris when I was endorsing my product, I decided to come back in my home place in the Philippines.

It’s been 10 years that had passed when I graduated at Taysan Resettlement Integrated School. In that school, I learned how to become a good and successful citizen. After I’m done with my work, I took an airplane to come back to the Philippines to have my vacation. I’ve seated at the middle side of the plane. When the airplane started to fly, a stewardess came. That stewardess guided us. As I look at her, I’ve noticed that she is my former batch mate, YOLLYCAR CALISIN. I called her and had a talk with her. She told me that the pilots of this airplane are also my former batch mates, CARLO ALARZAR and JAYNER BOLANTE. After the trip, we landed at PIA (Paquia International Airport). I’ve noticed that the name of the airport is very familiar to me. So I went inside the airport, I saw a man who is walking around there. I knew that he is GILBERT PAQUIA, the owner of the airport. After that, I drove a car and went to the hotel. I entered that hotel and went to the front desk of the hotel and talked to the desk officer. But I was wrong, because it was the owner of the hotel. As he faced me, I was surprised, because it was RONALD ABARIENTOS, the owner and manager of the said hotel. He guided me to my room. I entered to my room and put my bags aside. I lay on my bed and opened the television. I saw a news on television. I was shocked that the newscaster is my former batch mate, JOY DATUN. Her news says that the representative of the Philippines won in an International Hip-Hop Dance Competition. And I was amazed that the members of the group are my former batch...
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