Class Observation

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Class observation
Class observation report
In this study, I choose to observe a primary 5 class in NT District. The lesson that aims to improve the confidence level of the students is made up of students who are weak in English. There are 30 students in the class, 17 boys and 13 girls. The gender ratio reduces biasness and made the class an ideal class to study. In the following paragraphs, I will explain how the class was conducted and the teaching methodologies of the teacher. Procedure

1. Pre-observation meeting
Before the lesson, I had a meeting with the teacher. We first discussed the contents and objectives of the lesson. The lesson is a speaking class which aims to build students' confidence in speaking. While improving students' speaking ability is important, it is only secondary in this lesson. Next, we discussed about the activity that the students would do during the class to achieve the objectives. The activity was a game named ‘on board' which would use in the lesson to achieve the objectives. I understand that she uses the PPP model in this lesson. The teacher would play the role of a manager, an organizer and a tutor. She mentioned that this is atypical of her routine teaching which she focuses mainly on the grammar teaching. Furthermore, a writing course is not part of the lesson plan according to the course designed by the English panel. 2. Observations

The classroom has an adequate setting. It is sufficiently lighted, spacious and well furnished. There is a big blackboard in the front of classroom and the room is equipped with latest audio video technology. It has good movie projector with a laser pointer. Computer with the internet connection is another feature of the room. Instructors can use them for effective teaching. There were 30 students in the classroom. Some of them sat at the front, while the others sat near the end of the hall. They were well dispersed and worked independently. 2.1 Recall section

The class lasted about 35 minutes; it started at 11.15 am and ended at 11.50 am. There were two observers in the class, namely the colleagues of the teacher and me. Before the observers came into the class, the teacher announced that the class was ready to begin and instructed students to settle down. Two minutes after, students became quiet and greeted their teacher formally. The teacher shortly introduced the observers to them and asked them to give a warm welcome: we received three rhythmic claps after the teacher signal 'hands ready' to students. First of all, the teacher did the session to help students to recall the phases they learnt previously by showing them some flash cards and invited students to the stage to read it. There were 7 cards in total, which were ‘a bottle of blackcurrant  juice', ‘ a pattern of waffle”, “a bottle of soya bean milk”,” a cup of yogurt” ,”a loaf of bread”, “a bar of chocolate”  and “a cup of coffee”.  A girl called Mary came to the front of the classroom and pointed at two objects in the flash cards by speaking loudly. After she finished it, teacher praised her instantly and appointed a boy named Mark to draw a happy face on the blackboard below the name of the girl. Following by other students came to the front; they finished recalling all flash cards. When some children were stuck on some words like 'blackcurrant', the teacher provided help quickly by whispering. After recalling phases, the teacher started to use the projector to show students some sentences which expanded these phrases to a sentence, such as” I want a bar of chocolate”, “this is a loaf of bread”,” my brother is having a cup of yogurt” ect.  She invited students to speak in front of class again.  However, there were lots of commotions from the students that were not on the stage. When the teacher thought that the class was out of control, she used the order 'hands up' to again bring order to the class. The recalling section lasted about 15 minutes. 2.2 Game section

The game...
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