Class in Caucasia

Topics: Social class, Working class, Middle class Pages: 4 (1629 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Social Class in Relation to Caucasia
Sandy Lee, from Danzy Senna’s novel, Caucasia is born and raised into a very wealthy and well- known family. Sandy comes from the wealthy town of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Therefore, her father was a respected professor at Harvard University. Sandy received her high school diploma from Buckingham School, and gets accepted to Brandeis, which she later turned down. Sandy didn’t fit in around her community and was a rebel. She also tries to escape her upper-class lifestyle by marrying Deck, an African American who is a part of the lower class. In my essay I will argue that throughout her life, Sandy’s upper-class upbringing still impacts her personality and actions, despite her drop in economic status. I will use Paul Fussell’s essay, “A Touchy Subject” and James Lowen’s “The Land of Opportunity” to help support the central idea that although Sandy adjusted her economic status she couldn’t rid of her social status, even if she tried. In the beginning of the novel, Sandy reminisces about her childhood. She tells her two daughters, Birdie and Cole, about her life before she met their father. Sandy remembers growing up in Cambridge, Massachusetts and being a part of the higher level social class. Sandy had many opportunities as she grows up, supporting the fact that she was raised in a higher class society. She attended Buckingham School, an all girls’ school. Although she received a good education, her physical appearance had never allowed for her to develop a social life. Birdie states, “She had been a hefty and pensive girl in a world of lithe and winsome debutantes, girls who accepted their good fortunes with style and manners” (Senna 32). This meant that Sandy was out of out of place in her own society because of her appearance. Women of her society were thought to have flat, fragile, hard bodies, the complete opposite of Sandy. After Sandy meets and marries Deck, her economic status drops a few levels. Sandy goes from...
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