Class History

Topics: High school, Tenth grade, Sophomore Pages: 6 (2508 words) Published: March 5, 2013

Most of us would agree that the days we spent in high school were certainly the best days of our lives. Memorable ones I suggest. It was in high school that we made our grown-up friends, competed to excel, hoped for places in the sports team, toiled to lead in the student council, and yielded to take part in the school organ. It was also in high school when we first felt and experienced to love – puppy love as people say. Thus, it is indeed in this chapter that we learnt lessons about life; that what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. And it is inevitable that we encounter obstacles along the way, from which we learn to fight and to be strong. Good evening everyone! Welcome as I take you back in time since we first stepped out into the world of high school as freshmen here in SJIT, our dear Alma Mater. This moment is very surreal and dreamlike. Yet the realization that Graduation Day is just creeping closer and closer is like clouds looming ahead in an overcast day. So I’ll introduce myself, Messiere Mellorin… your tour guide as we travel down Memory Lane, where we explore our batch’s reminiscing treasure trove of experiences. Our first tourist spot is the island of Greenland. It has 435,987 square inches of land sprawling right smack in the first part of the Josephian Chain of Islands, surrounded by the Academic Sea. Here, a million freshmen are accommodated for them to overlook the other adjacent islands. Anxiety filled the air as freshmen wandered during the opening classes in Saint Joseph Institute of Technology BE Department. All of whom were thinking who their adviser, teachers and classmates may be. And as the school bell rang, every freshman began to walk hurriedly along the school grounds to finally reach their destination – their new home. Everyone leapt unto their respective classrooms, and as they found themselves seats to sink in, murmurings started to conquer the place. Then a glaciating breeze seemed to stun every freshman and jerked them silent, way too different from the usual noisy chitchats, chants and laughter heard within the four corners of a classroom. The second week and the rest of the school days was a rockin’ one. The four walls of the 1st Year – Generous classroom was full of hullabaloos. Everybody seemed to have group of friends already for a short span of time. Others started playing volleyball together, namely Paul Albert Reponte and company which ended up making a crack in our glass window. It’s the first biggest offense we made in first 1st Year – Generous. On the other hand, our neighbors there in 1st Year – Courteous was the tough ones. Who will forget the destroyed doorknob? The fallen fluorescent light? And the damaged whiteboard? Hayyy! We we’re truly a headache to our advisers Mrs. Vilma Gajo and Mr. Arvyl Ofianga. And who could forget the gorgeous heartthrob Mr. Elyein Deita, the coolest Computer teacher? You’d think we’re studying Biology instead of Computer with all those hearts drawn at the back of the notebooks of almost every girls especially Ms. Dymel May Diez while listening to his lectures. Too bad that he moved out of our school when we were in 2nd year. Sorry girls! New faces also piqued our class’ curiosity… especially with this “Dodong Heart” Mr. Mead Jhonson Maureal. Every girl in the class sighed with deep awe with his “killer smile” unknowing that he’s a green-blooded specie. But later on, we discovered it by ourselves. Sayang! And who will forget the time when Shaira Mae Dapar emotionally and intentionally bumped her head onto the wall when Phillip Jacob Chiong entitled her “The Heartbreaker” just because he got busted by Shaira. Better luck next time Chiong! Freshmen year is also “The Rise of the original Groove Unlimited Dance Crew”. With the original members – Ruth Lagura, Elisar Zamora, Kyle Nemenio, Jodelle Efcey Manipis, Mary Mae Catayas, Sakura Sumiyoshi, John Carlo Ramos and Nikki Liquido....
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