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Customer Specifications:
The Ponciano Bernardo High School desires a new automated online enrollment and information system that would perform its enrollment processes and student-faculty access system that should produce its management report in a more efficient and faster way. There are six estimated actors expected to use or interact with the system namely student applicants, students, faculty, head department, cashier/registrar and mainly the administrator. The actor student applicants are those who desire to apply as first year in Ponciano Bernardo High School, applicants can able to: 1.Submit their personal information through online system.

2.Must have a printable voucher containing his/her submitted information as a referral for qualifying the admission, the voucher must also enclosed with proceeding instructions or things should bring for the enrollment. A student using the Student Access Module System (SAMS) should then: 1.Must login on his/her own profile (the password by default is the surname of the student) for possible viewing of current subjects and grades, teacher and his/her adviser 2.He/she should able to outlook his/her precedent grade records (from first year up to his/her current year). 3.Print his/her school year summary grades.

4.Compose/Reply message that would inform other user of the system or to feedback on another important message. 5.Receive important notification from school administration, subject teacher, adviser or other students. 6.Can configure his/her account detail e.g. password.

Since a faculty or a teacher have more than one role for every school year, specifically an adviser of one class, a subject teacher of one or more class or even a head department or any of the organizational positions. A faculty actor then as a class adviser should able to: 1.Log in on his/her own profile for modification of profile and accounts, 2.View his/her student master list including all of their subjects. 3. View and print...
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