Class Based Assessment

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Class Based Assessment had been introduced into the Fiji Education system as of 2010. As part of our Language and Literacy program, we were required to prepare a CBA task for class 5 in the discipline of English. Our CBA task was Descriptive writing whereby the students were asked to write a composition about My Family. This was to be of approximately 120 words.

We prepared a marking criteria listing down all the competencies that the children were to be assessed on. Once the marking of the assessment task was completed, the analysis was made. In the analysis, the students were graded according to their learning skills and abilities.

We then made activities for each of the three types of learners i.e. slow learners, average and high achievers. Activities were designed in such a way that all the language skills were tested and the activities enhanced the students learning.

This report contains the CBA task that the students did, the marking criteria, activities for each competency and each type of learner and the justification for these activities.


There are various types of learners and no two children learn in the same way. Class Based Assessments have become a vital tool in measuring the students’ performance formatively. This is an ongoing assessment that helps gauge how much the student has learnt and whether the child is receiving the right kind of teaching or not.

Class Based Assessment can only be effective if after first assessment, the teacher designs activities for all the types of learners accommodating their unique learning styles.
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