Class Assignment on Jumanji

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Some words from the story…

Before you read this story, you must know the words for all the things in the picture on this page. Use a dictionary. Find all the right numbers on the picture for the words below and write numbers and words together. e.g. jungle - 1

Put the correct number from the picture beside each word.

board-gamevineglass ’eye’ tokens

Brantford, New Hampshire 1869

Answer this question.
1. What did the two young brothers do?

Chapter One: Brantford, New Hampshire 1969

a. Questions
1. How old is Alan Parrish?
2. What did they make at the factory?
3. Who was after Alan?
4. Why did Alan Run into the factory?
5.What did Carl Bentley make?
6. Why didn’t Alan tell his father he put Carl’s shoe on the machine? 7. What happened when he went outside?
8. What did Alan find?

b. True or False
1. The year was 1869.
2. They made bicycles in the factory.
3. Carl Bentley was 20 years old.
4. Alan made a new sports shoe.
5. Carl’s new shoe was stuck in the machine.
6. Alan told his father he put the shoe on the machine. 7. Billy Jessup is Alan’s friend.
8. Billy wants Alan to stop talking to his girlfriend. 9. The noise came from the tree.
10. The word JUMANJI was written on the inside of the box. Chapter Two: The game starts.
a. Questions
1. When did Alan open the game?
2. How many boys attack Alan?
3. Where were his parents going to send him?
4. Why was Alan angry?
5. What did Alan say to his father?
6. Who was at the door?
7. What did it say on the inside of the game?
8. What happened when Sarah dropped the dice?
9. What words did they see in the glass eye?
10. What happened when Alan dropped the dice?
11. What words did Alan read after he dropped the dice?
12. Explain what two things happened next.

b.Find the correct prepositions and put them in the spaces below. 1. It was evening when he opened it _____ the dining table. 2. The box opened ______ a game board.
3. ______ the board, four different ‘roads’ went to a small glass ‘eye’ ______ the centre. 4. He quickly shut the box and put it ________ his chair. 5. The boys at Cliffside School only go home _______ the holidays. 6. Now, your mother and I are going ______ to dinner.

7. He ran _____ to his room.
8. He put some clothes, food and the Jumanji game ______ a bag. 9. Then he walked ______ the front door.
10. But there was someone __________.
11. It was Sarah Whittle, and _________ her was Alan’s bicycle. 12. The noise came from_________ his bag.

Chapter Three: 1995
a. Questions
1. What are the children’s names and how old are they? 2. Who is with them? How old is she?
3. What plans did aunt Nora have for the house?
4. What did Peter and Judy learn about the house?
5. Where did the sound come from?
6. When Peter opened the game, what did he find?
7. What three animals came out of the game?
8. Where did the man come from?
9. Who is the man? How old is he?
10. Who did they see outside?
11. What did the monkeys do to the police car?

Put these events from chapters 1 - 3 into order.

• They heard the noise. They went upstairs and found the game. • Carl Bentley made a new sports shoe. Alan put it on the machine. • Hundreds of bats flew out of the fireplace.
• A man came out of the game too!
• His father told him he was going to Cliffside School. • Alan didn’t want to finish the game. He wanted to find his mum and dad....
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