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The nature of business has changed dramatically as competitive and other environmental factors have forced organizations to examine the “value propositions” they offer to customers. Nowhere is the focus on creating, communicating and delivering value more necessary than in customer service roles, particularly sales.


To understand the dynamic role of the sales force and personal selling in the business to business enterprise, with a further understanding where the selling process fits in the overall business processes. •To identify, introduce, observe and practice the skills required of sales people to create and deliver customer value and those skills required to experience a successful selling career. •To learn how sales people leverage their organization’s capabilities to deliver economic value to the customer; beyond the functionality of their traditional products, driving sustained growth of revenue and profitability for their own organization and the customers organization. •To provide an opportunity for students to network face-to-face with sales people in the field to observe the product knowledge and selling skills they demonstrate to deliver customer value. •To understand the impact the diversity of company and country culture have on communications with customers and the diversity that our personalities have on communications with customers; and learn how to use this understanding for improved communication and improved value delivery with the customer. •To prepare for the selling career possibilities available for the student at graduation. •To prepare the non-sales career executive candidates with the knowledge to “grow the business” through a value delivery process. •To develop leaders.

REQUIRED READING MATERIALS: - Creating Customer Value-Caruso Fall 2011
Championship Selling by Blake, Hodson, and Enrico..
QBQ the Question behind the Question, John G. Miller.


Materials and class updates will be posted on Niihka, please check the site for information, and please advise of any requests to post information you believe will be of value.

Our behaviors will be consistent with the expectations of the Miami Student Handbook, and will contribute to making the goals of the Miami Plan for Liberal Education a reality. •We will conduct ourselves with the professional behaviors required to make us successful in our careers and in our future endeavors upon graduation. •We will encourage discussion and debate, and “pushback” when we disagree with a position; we will also recognize excellence with “positive affirmations” when appropriate. •We will engage with other learners and build relationships with one another as we learn. •Ultimately, we are all part of a learning community and our behavior should lead all of us to achieve a level of learning by working together, that we would not achieve learning alone. •We will make it fun!


Very little class time will be devoted to topics which the student can comprehend through self-study. Instead, class discussions will focus on topics not covered in the text, and those areas where comprehension is substantially enhanced by additional elaboration and/or illustration, consequently the way to understand and to best learn the course material is to attend class and participate in the activities and discussions. In addition, supplemental materials and activities outside of the required text will be used during class and may show up on quizzes. You are expected to be on time and remain the entire class, however if you must arrive late or leave early for a justifiable reason, please advise me in advance of the class starting. Professional behavior will be the norm in class. A typical class will consist of discussion, lecture, video presentations, guest speaker(s), and work group activities; plus questions,...
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