Class 9 Cbse Physics

Topics: Velocity, Acceleration, Classical mechanics Pages: 3 (407 words) Published: September 5, 2012
CBSE TEST PAPER-03 CLASS - IX Science (Motion)


What does the slope of velocity – time graph give? (a) Distance (c) Acceleration (b) displacement (d) Change in velocity.



The displacement of the body can be(a) Positive (c) Zero (b) negative (d) All of these.



Which of the following gives both direction and magnitude(a) scalar (c) Both (b) vector (d) None.



If a moving body comes to rest, then its acceleration is(a) Positive (c) Zero (b) negative (d) All of these depending upon initial velocity.



A body is moving with a velocity of 12m/s and it comes to rest in 18m, what was the acceleration?



A body starts from rest and moves with a uniform acceleration of 4m/s2 until it travels a distance of 800m, find the find velocity?



The driver of a car traveling along a straight road with a speed of 72KM ph observes a signboard which give the speed limit to be 54KM ph. The signboard is 70m ahead when the driver applies the brakes0 calculate the acceleration of the car which will cause the car to pass the signboard at the stated speed limit?


8. 9.

Differentiate between scalars and vectors? The displacement x of a particle in meters along the x- axis with time ‘t’ in seconds according to the equationX= 20m +( 12m )t s

[2] [3]

(a) draw a graph if x versus t for t = 0 and t =5 sec
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(b) What is the displacement come out of the particles initially? (c) What is slope of the graph obtained? 10. The velocity of a body in motion is recorded every second as shown[3]

calculate the – (a) Acceleration (b) distance travelled and draw the graph. 11. Draw the graph for uniform retardation – (a) position – time graph (b) velocity – time (c) Acceleration- time 12. The displacement – time graph for a body is given. State...
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