Class 7th Cbse Science Test Paper Chapter 1 and 2

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  • Published : October 6, 2011
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Chapter 1 : Nutrition in Plants
Fill in the blanks :
1.The components of food which are necessary for our body are called _______________ 2.Green plants synthesise their own food themselves by the process of __________________. 3.______________________ is the mode of taking food by an organism and its utilization by the body. 4.Complex chemical substances such as ______________ are the products of photosynthesis. 5.___________________ gas is produced during photosynthesis. 6.Organisms that are dependent on others for their nutrition are called ______________________ 7._________________ are the tiny pores present on the surface of the leaves and are surrounded by guard cells. 8.____________________is the ultimate source of energy for all living organisms. 9.Organisms which derive their nutrition from dead decaying matter are called _______________. 10.Some organisms live together and share shelter and nutrients, this is called _____________________. 11.Carbohydrates are made up of _________,__________ and __________. Name the following :

1.A bacterium that can take atmospheric nitrogen and convert it into a soluble form. 2.An insectivorous plant.
3.The mode of nutrition in mushrooms.
4.The indicator used to test the presence of starch in leaves. II) Write True or False :
1.Some fungi are used in medicines.[ ]
2.Most of the pulses are obtained from leguminous plants. [ ] 3.Cuscuta (Amarbel) is a host.[ ]
4.Lichens, an alga and a fungus show symbiotic relationship. [ ] 5.In desert plants, green stems carry out photosynthesis.[ ] III) Define the following
IV) Diagrams :
2.Photosynthesis in plants.
Chapter 2 : Nutrition in Animals
Fill in the blanks :
1.The mode of taking food into the body is called ___________________ 2.In the process of ________________ food is broken down in to simpler...
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