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Boy Meets Girl
Joshua and his family had just arrived at Lake Tobesofkee. It was a beautiful summer day in August, and his family decided to have a picnic at the lake down the street from their home. After they unpacked everything and began to set-up their picnic area, Joshua decided to take a walk to clear his mind from all the essays his English professor had been assigning. As he walked along the lakes edge, mind wondering, he heard a girl crying out in a panic. He followed the cries for help until he came upon a young, beautiful, long haired young woman. As he got closer she noticed him and ran over to him in a rush. “Excuse me, have you seen my little brother? He’s short with curly hair and glasses and he has on a blue shirt!” She screamed as she frantically moved back and forth. “No I haven’t seen him, but I’d be more than glad to help you look for him” Joshua replied. They began to search high and low, under every table, behind every car, anywhere they she could think of. “Hi, my names Jasmine by the way.” she said as they continued to search for her missing little brother. “I’m Josh, nice to meet you but its unfortunate it’s under these circumstances.” he replied. “I know, me and my little brother Marcus were just taking a walk while my dad finished grilling, I turned my head for a minute and just like that he was gone.”

“Do you guys come out here often? Maybe he has a favorite place he likes to go whenever he comes to the lake.” Joshua said trying to put the pieces to the puzzle together.
“No, we don’t come often, maybe a couple of times a year” she replied “But he does like to go sit by the dam whenever we do come.”
“Well it wouldn’t hurt to try.” Joshua said, hoping that this was the solution to the problem at hand. As they quickly walked towards the lake’s dam, Jasmine’s phone began to ring.
After her short telephone conversation she seemed even more afraid that she would never find her brother.
“Who was that?” Joshua asked.
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