Clash of the Titans Critique

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  • Published : August 28, 2011
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by Mi-Auree L. Bautista

The movie Clash of the Titans is about the adventures of Perseus, son of Zeus and a demi-god. The movie tells us about the obstacles that Perseus has gone through just to pursue what he was destined for. It also shows us the influences of the gods in the Greek people before. The movie captured the lifestyle of ancient Greece and how the Greek’s beliefs affect their daily lives. But the movie has its lapses also.

In terms of the storyline, some events that were mentioned in the movie were actually different from the stories that people know. For example the story of Medusa, according to the movie, Medusa was cursed by Aphrodite because Medusa and Poseidon made love in her temple but the truth is it was Athena who punished Medusa and it was in her temple too were Poseidon and Medusa made love.

Another negative aspect of the movie is its effects, it is understood that the movie was made a long time ago but still it is not an excuse to make such low quality movie. Greek mythology is one of the most fascinating stories ever told and it would have been better if this was captured in the movie through wonderful special effects.

Overall, the movie was satisfactory. It may have not entertained the viewers that much it was still able to give additional information about Greek mythology that are very helpful to students.
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