Clash of the Cultures

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Clash of the Cultures
Imagine moving to a new town, a new state, or even a new country, a place where you were singled out because of how you dressed or how you acted; where you have now become part of the minority be it for religion or ethnicity. For many people this is a reality, they come here from other countries in hopes of having a better life but with that comes the struggles of trying to fit in while still holding on to their old culture. In the stories “Vietnamese Youths No Longer Look Homeward” by Nancy Wride and “Iranian Women and Gender Relations in Los Angeles” by Nayereh Tohidi, we are faced with the stories of people who by coming here are forced to decide between their old culture or adopting the new culture that is flourishing all around them. Some of them are not only faced with the decision to abandon their old culture but when they do choose to leave it behind, they then are forced to live with the ignorance it comes with. Some of the younger generations become ignorant of their past culture and the hardships their people have gone through, the battles that they have been through. In her story “Vietnamese Youths No Longer Look Homeward”, Nancy Wride writes about how the younger generations of Vietnamese immigrants have become more acculturated to the American culture and have completely forgotten of their Vietnamese roots. It is hard enough moving to a city with a different culture but when your family has already been living here for several generations its harder to get hold on to your native roots. Letting go of those roots means becoming someone else, it means losing a bit of history that could’ve been passed along with you. Many of the Vietnamese living in California now see it as a wonder full place but for all the people who are still attached to their roots they see it as something different. “Vietnamese-born but American-bred, Tran belongs to a generation that seems detached from the war that tore apart their birthplace, forced the...
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