Clascical Music

Topics: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Piano, Music Pages: 3 (862 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Classical Music Review
In the 18th century, Europe underwent several social changes as exemplified by the many revolutions. These changes profoundly affected the lives of composers, makers of musical organs, and musicians were. Composers, unlike before started holding concerts in a bid to introduce their music to the public. There is great debate among academicians on what entails classical music. To some scholars music produced in the 18th century in the Western hemisphere is referred to as classical music. However to others, classical music is a musical style that differentiates this type of music from modern music styles such as rock and R&B. However, classical music is a term used to describe the type of music produced by renowned composers such as Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, and composers that performed music before the 20th century. Classical music is differentiated from other music styles because of its proportion, clarity, and balance. The era of the classical music was dominated by orchestral musical instruments such as trumpets, flutes, and violins. The clarinet was also a musical instrument that was used by classical composers. Although the clarinet was developed at the start of the 18th century, Haydn and Mozart popularized the instrument through their music. Anton Stadler was an expert in playing the clarinet and his close working relationship with Mozart helped to popularize the musical instrument. In several of his solo musical compositions, Mozart preferred using the clarinet. The piano was also introduced during the era of the classical music in Western Europe. In the era of the classical music, Mozart and Beethoven were among the most gifted composers; the two introduced new developments to music. For example, Mozart was renowned for his creative utilization of musical instruments such as the clarinet and piano. In some of his music, for example the seventeen piano concertos, Mozart tried combining the orchestra and piano....
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