Clark Faucet Company

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Project Management

Case analysis
Clark Faucet Company
Yilei Zhu

Clark Faucet Company
From the case point out that ‘the competition was fierce’. The quality and artistic design which are the standard evaluate for customer to choose which brand they purchase. Commercial customer is the major customer for their company. (Kerzner, H. 2006) in additional, the company is now in a competition situation but they did not have very well promotions either on radio or television. They have some adv. in two semiannual home and garden trade shows and annual builders trade show but they missed one important opportunity thus resulted loss a lot of revenue.

The most critical issue in the company is they do not have cooperative culture. 'Engineering wanted the freedom to design new products, whereas marketing wanted final approval to make sure that what was designed could be sold.'(Kerzner, H. 2006). The project management was failed before so that nobody wants to be the project manager and other functional teams do not want to support the project management but focus on their own project. the communication between marketing and engineering was very poor currently. moreover, the line managers not give fully support to the project management. The procurement manager not arranges his employee to assist project manager. Each department in the company only work on their own and even isolated.

The reasons about how the conflicts began was not knows by the executive council. That was even hard to find where to start with the problem. Why the marketing and engineering department has so bad relationship? The consultant was hired to try to identify problem.

Through the interview, the biggest problem that engineering point out is that,...
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