Clarifying Goals: Professional Development Plan (Pdp) Part I

Topics: United States Army, Academic degree, Doctorate Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: July 8, 2012
Clarifying Goals: Professional Development Plan (PDP) Part I Rashawn W Green
Walden University
MGMT-8000 - Foundations for PH.D

Clarifying Goals: Professional Development Plan (PDP) Part I Why I decided to pursue my doctoral degree?
Years ago, I was challenged by Sergeant First Class Baker and Captain Barry Wiley to further my education. Week after week, they consistently encouraged and reminded me to enroll in college. I was not planning to further my education until my ETS (Expiration of Term of Service) from the Army. However, their main purpose was to lead me in the direction of career advancement, and because of this I enrolled in my first college course while serving active duty in the United States Army. From that moment on, I continued my education, working hard until I earned my Master’s degree. I believe the push from my supervisors sparked the hunger and the drive to continue on with my life learning goals. The Passion that Drives Me

I have many different reasons why I have chosen to pursue a doctoral degree. Career Goals, personal passion, more opportunities, self-development, and the overall challenge are among my top reasons why I have chosen this path. I enjoy the challenge of being a student in every aspect. I enjoy the challenge of standing out and being a good student. My goals are to be balanced, open minded, disciplined, and humbled. I am very passionate about the subject of Leadership and Organizational Change. I have been exposed to both leadership and organizational change since joining the U.S. Army in 1997. Being in the military has taught me several things including always seeking self-development and to pursue career opportunities. Obtaining a doctoral degree can help closed doors become opened doors as I progress both professionally and personally.

I have many areas in my personal and professional life that I would like to grow in and improve. Self-development is the passion that drives me. Pursuing my doctoral...
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